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conditional locking field and record?

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This forum has helped me greatly. I am trying to find a simple solution to my problem and thanks in advance for all your help.

I am working on a time sheet database where employees can input their time spent on different tasks. On one layout, I have a portal for them to input their time. I created part of the first two records for them to input LUNCH or BREAK. So the first record is for LUNCH only and they need to add time they spend on LUNCH and the second record is BREAK only. For the rest of the portal, they can adding different tasks from a drop down list, like WEB CHECKING, EDITING, and add time spent on that task. I want the first 2 records for LUNCH and BREAK only. Is there any way I can lock the task type for the first 2 records (but they need be able to add time) and let users pick the task type in the rest of the portal?

Thank you.

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How about putting a button on top of the description field.

The button would first check the portal row number. Then take the appropriate action.

if( getWindowMode = 1 //Find mode

goto Desc field

Else if( get portal row = 1 or get portal row = 2

exit script


Goto Desc Field

End if


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