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Filter Value List in Portal

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Greetings -

I am working on an job quote system. The tables are

Clients - fields - the usual stuff

Quotes - fields - totals, address of job, etc

QuoteDetails - fields - Quantity Manufacturer Part# Cost etc

Items - Database of the items in the QuoteDetails - Manu. Part# etc.

So far things are working well. I have a layout with my quote and a portal for QuoteDetail. QuoteDetail includes fields for Manufacturer, Part# and Description with are data contained in the Items table.

What I'd like to do is this: I create a new line in the portal and enter a Manufacturer so when I go to the Part# field a popup or pulldown appears with only the Part#'s associated with that Manufacturer.

(I can do something similar e.g. a second portal from the Item database and a script to populate the QuoteDetail but I'd like to not do it this way)

I've scoured the forums but have come up dry. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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You need another relationship for this:

QuoteDetails::Manufacturer = Items 2::Manufacturer

Once you have that, define a new value list to show values from the Part# field in Items 2, including only related values starting from QuoteDetails.

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