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Steven H. Blackwell

FileMaker Pro 10 and FileMaker Server 10 Released

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The release today of FileMaker® Pro 10, FileMaker® Pro 10 Advanced, FileMaker® Server 10, and FileMaker® Server 10 Advanced marks an important new milestone on FileMaker, Inc.’s product roadmap. Congratulations to FileMaker, Inc. and especially to the Product Management and Engineering teams.

With the introduction of thirteen new, long-awaited, and much-sought event triggers and Set Field by dynamic calculation, the new FileMaker Pro 10 is the most significant change since the introduction of FileMaker® Pro 7 in early March of 2004. The User Interface has undergone a significant alteration as well to produce a more contemporary look familiar to users of productivity applications on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

FileMaker Pro 10 also has a new approach to the file recovery process exposing many more granular options to developers and administrators as well as producing a extensively detailed log of its results. Moreover, subsummary reports have been decoupled from Preview mode and will now run and update in Browse mode, producing far more dynamic reporting capabilities.

FileMaker Server has also acquired new capabilities including the ability to run server side imports and exports and to schedule sequences of both OS level and FileMaker Pro based scripts. It can also now schedule on-demand verifications of files, something that will aid immeasurably in monitoring file integrity. Additionally, FileMaker Sever 10 Advanced will support up to 999 simultaneous FileMaker Pro client connections, quadrupling the old 250 user limit found in earlier versions.

And, especially good news in challenging economic times, prices for the products remain unchanged, except for a modest increase in FileMaker Sever 10 Advanced reflecting its enhanced capabilities. More information can be found on the FileMaker, Inc. corporate website at http://www.filemaker.com.


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This topic is 4160 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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