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'Load settings' crashes FMP - SPSS conflict?

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This problem started on version 9 but has continued under 10.

Creating a runtime solution works fine and so does saving the settings, but when I try to load settings, the app crashes. I click the Load Settings button, but as soon as I select the file and before I click the Load button the beachball of death appears and the app crashes. This is not a problem on my PC - only on the Mac.

Any Mac users come across this?

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I think I have found the source of this, but don't know how to solve it. I think the problem started when I installed SPSS - this uses .sav for its principal data files and so the FMP settings file automatically takes on an SPSS icon. I thought this wouldn't matter since the Type and Creator are different from the SPSS files, but FMP does not seem to read these.

I can't change the settings file to 'Open with' FMP since FMP doesn't open it directly. Likewise I can't change its suffix to something other than .sav because then FMP won't even recognise it as something that it might be able to open.

I tested my theory by highlighting a genuine SPSS file when trying to load settings, and it behaved exactly the same as with a genuine FMP settings file - it crashed.

I don't have SPSS on my PC, but I would imagine that the same problem may arise. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

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