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Steven H. Blackwell

Anomalous Behavior in FileMaker® Pro 10 and FileMaker® Pro 10 Advanced

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Developers and some users have reported in a variety of venues in the past several days what they deemed to be anomalous behaviors in the new version of the products. These have included the erroneous belief that event triggers cannot be assigned to tabs, confusion about creation of custom menus in files created in earlier versions, and issues with users changing passwords.

Some of these reports seem driven by incomplete understanding of new behaviors. Yet others reflect changes in behavior. Still others are clearly issues related to the new products.

I commend to everyone’s attention a new FileMaker Tech Info that addresses many of these items. It is found here:


[color:red]There is now additional new information found at:


[color:red]There is now more additional new information found at:


[color:red]There is now even more additional new information related to the Server Admin Console found at:


[color:red]More additional new information related to changing of passwords found at:


[color:red]More additional new information about Apache performance cache and web publishing found at:


[color:red]More additional new information about changes in targeted window behavior found at:



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