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Tight line spacing in FMP 10

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About over two years ago I posted the following request:

Is there any way to achieve tight vertical line spacing on printed reports with FileMaker? (for example, 12-point font printed at 8 lines per inch -- and with descenders printed properly).

Comment responded with the solution:

Try leaving the field's height at 17 pixels, and setting the body's height to 14 pixels. You can force the height of the body by selecting it and entering the desired height into the Object Info box.

Erroneous Conclusion: "And it worked ... Until I upgraded to FMP 10 ... lost one of my best techniques ... FMP insists on printing the font at its "normal" height ... does anyone know of a 10-compatible technique to achieve the result?"

[color:red]Updated (Correct) Conclusion: A fresh look at this revealed it was a case of developer error due to fatigue from a couple of all nighters. Happily, the technique still works.

[color:red]To the moderators: Maybe this post should be moved to Tips? Or feel free to delete it entirely. Thanks for your assistance.

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Corrected my incorrect conclusion

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