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Documentation for Starter Solutions?

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I'm not new to Filemaker, but with ver 10 I wanted to make a dedicated effort to understand the principles behind the bundled Starter Solutions. I figured I might pick up a tip or two from Filemaker.

Unfortunately Filemaker does not seem to have documented the code and or the solutions well. Their simple 1 page description just doesn't hack it.

As an example: the Contact Management Solution has invisible text boxes in the Record List form. I kind of figured that when I saw it, but I had the dickens of a time finding them until someone on Technet mentioned using Shift-click to click off the text boxes in front of the invisible Button box and THEN to click only on one of the four corners of the "invisible box". No documentation from Filemaker themselves on this.

Furthermore, if you dig through their code, you'll see they rotate in and out icons that indicate which way Company, Phone, Email, etc. is being sorted. Great, but no where can I find where the global field g_HilliteLibrary is being populated. This is really poor documentation - no make that non-existent documentation.

Is there any existing documentation and/or white papers explaining the logic behind the included applications?


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Go to the layout mode and create a new layout. Make it a standard form based on the Contact Management TO. Select all fields and proceed to make the layout. Go to the browse mode. Now you will see global container field that holds these images.

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