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Custom dialog showing field contents

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Hello fellow file-makers i have a time sheet that my employees punch in to i have a custom dialog that pops up on a successful log in but i would like the custom dialog to display their name based on their ID i tried using the get active field contents but that is exactly what displays so any push in the right direction would be extremely helpful thank you in advance to anyone who helps

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This isn't enough info. Can you describe the above and tell us the tables and relationships that you're using?

But let me guess. On a TimeSheet form (based on an Expenses table?), the user selects their ID (using a popup value list of IDs and Names from the Staff table). When they click Save (I suppose they were in a modal pop-up window to enter the timesheet record), you want to show a custom dialog.

Well, since Timesheets are related to Staff by StaffID, use this relationship in the dialog.

"Thanks for inputting your time " & Timesheet_Staff::FullName & ". We appreciate it."

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