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Ben Goldstein

Developer's Cards for FileMaker Pro 10 Now Available!

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Cottage Grove, MN - Steve Wilmes Consulting, Inc. releases Developer's Cards for FileMaker Pro 10. The set of cards offer a detailed reference that has every FileMaker function, error code, script step and more on two double-sided-8 1/2 x 11 inch (A4)-laminated cards.

The Developer's Cards for FileMaker Pro 10 makes it easier for FileMaker developers by providing the "whole picture of all the functions and script steps at a glance" with as much detail as possible. Often developers work with multiple versions of FileMaker - each function and script step on the cards are color-coded to match the FileMaker version with which it was released. The cards detail every function, error code and script step from FileMaker 6 through 10.

Card One goes in-depth describing functions and offers tips. The card highlights functions that are case-sensitive, require the return character to separate values, use []s to separate multiple values and operate differently when hosted. The card also lists port numbers used by FileMaker, FileMaker Server command line codes, script trigger precedence, FileMaker limits, common developer keyboard shortcuts and diagrams the Get(Window) functions.

Card Two goes in-depth on script steps. It highlights which script steps are available over the web, available when hosted on FileMaker Server and which are Mac/Windows only. The card also has all of the FileMaker error codes (returned by Get(LastError) function) and goes in-depth on the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function, custom functions and recursion.

Pricing and Availability:

The Developer's Cards For FileMaker Pro 10 are available immediately at www.CardsFM.com for $14.95 (USD) with free shipping everywhere.


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