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Runtime 'lost records' on Vista after a Vista crash?

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I have a client running a FMPro 8 runtime solution on a Vista box. (FYI: The runtime was originally bound on XP but when she upgraded her OS, it still continued to work.)

She recently experienced a Vista crash while the runtime was closed. However, when she went launched the runtime after the crash, all of her records entered the previous day were now missing.

She did not get any errors regarding file corruption.

Is there a way that Vista would have somehow rolled back her files after the crash? And, if so, does that mean that her data is, indeed, lost?

Thanks in advance,


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Sounds plausible. Did your client compare other data from other applications for that day?

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Not to my knowledge.

I've used the experience as a reminder to the client of the importance of backups.

I'm just stymied as to why Vista would put data at risk by not writing it to the drive once a program is closed.

Thanks for the reply.

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