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Scripts being run in PHP

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Hi all,

I am in need of some assistance, Is it possible to timestamp or crontab a filemaker script? Either through PHP or filemaker itself?

I have the script, it runs just fine, I just need it to run automated.

Any possibilities?

And I'm sorry if someone asked this question before, just link me to the thread.

Thanks everyone,


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If you have server then you can use a server side script as long as the steps are web compatible. Also with FM10 there is a new Install On Timer script step.

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As long as the script is web compatible (in FM9 check the "indicate web compatibility" box in the lower left hand corner to gray out that which is verboten) You can use FMSA9's server script schedule to run the script on what ever schedule you like. FMSA10 adds import/export and I believe one or two other script steps to the mix.

If you want to manage it with cron:

You can utilize the PHP API to write a php script or use any language you wish to send a request to FMSA's XML feed to run the FM script. The same compatible script steps apply.

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