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how to: creating new records from a found search

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Hi there,

Could use any advise or pointers:

I have three tables

[media info]

[project] list of projects, project #1, #2, etc

[project track] details of each project, containing multiple media info through portal

Basically each Project track contains a list of media (50-100). My problem is that media info contains ~2000 records, and I want to search for specific criteria and then add those to project track.

The way I have it set up now is that [Project track] creates a new record based on the [Project List] record number and a unique identifier.

How can I sort through the records in Media Info, check them all (or some), add them to Project track, go back and sort some other criteria, add those again to Project track?

thanks in advance for any hints!


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You say that each project track contains a list of media (50-100) and yet according to your table structure, I see only one MediaID per Project Track. Is there supposed to be another join table btw Project Track and Media.

Anyhow, the method you need would be to use a popup filtered portal (filter by MediaType) that lets the user select Media_IDs. The user builds a global of MediaIDs by clicking an Add button which is on each portal row. Then, when they click Done, the script creates the join records, looping thru the global of IDs.

I'd offer a demo, but I'm not sure you have all the tables you need yet.

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Hi bcooney,

Thank you for the reply.

One project = many ProjectTrack

One ProjectTrack = one MediaInfo + other update information

I did not connect Project directly to Media Info because one Project may contain multiple of the same MediaInfo (maybe different reporter or different section of the media though).

I was thinking of something like this:

what I was thinking

but I don't have the chops to pull that off.

is that the right or wrong direction?


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I need some sample data to know if your model is correct. In your diagram, you have fields in the join table that seem to duplicate the fields in the Media table. Can you show me some sample Project and Media records? Maybe post a demo.

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Mike--This'll take me a bit--work got really busy. If anyone else wants to help out, please do.

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