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John Sindelar

NinjaCal: A mini-calendar that filters portals.

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Seattle, WA - February 3, 2009 - The Proof Group and SeedCode are excited to announce the newest tool for FileMaker developers: NinjaCal is a simple FileMaker widget that lets you visually select dates and date ranges in a persistent mini calendar spanning one, two, or three months. This is the kind of interface your users expect, and now it is easy to give it to them.

Bolt On.

Built completely in FileMaker Pro, without using plugins, NinjaCal can be pasted into your own solution in minutes. The unlocked example file shows you how to capture selected dates to set fields, search, and filter portals.

Go Both Ways.

In adding to getting selected dates *from* NinjaCal, you can also send a list of dates *to* NinjaCal, using it to highlight the dates represented in your data. Now you can easily show existing reservations or blocked-out dates in a small mini-calendar without a ton of overhead.


NinjaCal is not a full-blown calendar system. Rather, it is an extremely portable, light weight display that makes data entry, date selection, and portal filtering easier and more visual. NinjaCal's calendar widget is developed entirely with native FileMaker 9 elements. There are no special plugins or custom functions. All effects are accomplished through the judicious use of conditional formatting and calculations; and it's completely unlocked for you to modify and extend.

NinjaCal is fast! (Hiyaah!!) NinjaCal is nimble. NinjaCal uses clever FileMaker-fu so that you don't have to. Just copy and paste.

More Information.

NinjaCal is developed by Proof and published by SeedCode: the team that brought you fmSpark. You can find screen shots, and download a demo here:



NinjaCal is available as a site license for $79. Developer or OEM licenses are also available if you'd like to integrate NinjaCal with your vertical market application.


Stephen Ritchie

Proof Group

(877) PROOF - 01



John Sindelar

SeedCode LLC

(206) 715-2126






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I am not sure how this looks on a mac but on Windows the refresh flash is way crazy.

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Hey John,

Yea. On windows you want to delete that blue gradient from the background.We should probably do that in the demo version as well . =)


< We've changed this and you'll find a new version available for download now. Thanks again. >

Edited by Guest

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