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ODBC MySQL Fast internet, slow private network.

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I have a problem, If you could help me...

We use the Filemaker with a Mysql database (odbc ActualTechnologies, Mac osx 10.5).

All works ok when we connect via Internet. The problem is this:

When we connect via wifi (private network), the UPDATE and DELETE actions are slow (5-10 seconds per create, modify or delete a record). All the other actions (search, navigate) works ok , really fast.

Could you help me?


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When you say you use wifi (private network) I am assuming you are connecting to a WAP (wireless access point) that is setup to use DHCP and uses a private address pool of 10.x or 172.x or 192.x.

If this is a typical setup for a WAP, it is also probably configured to use NAT (network address translation) in order to create a firewall; which means many clients with private ip addresses share a single ip address to talk to the internet.

I am also going to assume that the server you are trying to reach is not directly connected to your WAP which means it is probably on the other side of the firewall.

If you connect a client machine directly to your WAP instead of using a wireless connection (assuming your WAP has some free ethernet ports on the back, do you still have the same problem? If so, then your problem may be with using NAT on your WAP.

You could try checking what ports are used for your sql server, and forwarding those port numbers to a specific ip address on your WAP, but that limits thing so that only one machine will function correctly.

I have only tested with MS SQL server 2005 on a fixed ip scheme so I don't have the proper things in place on my end to to test out your scenerio, so this is just my best guess...

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