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Open a new page/new window - you get booted out of WebView! and into a browser!

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Suppose you are using Web Viewer and click on a web link. If the link opens a new page in a new window, then that window will NOT open within your Filemaker layout. Instead, the page will open in your browser.


How do you keep spawned pages within FileMaker's Web Viewer when you access web pages that have "target= _blank" in their links?

In other words, when you click on a link that will open a new window, how do you make that new window be a FileMaker WebViewer window?

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"Ouch" is right.


Yes, it's a 4-year old topic ... but can anyone shed some light on it?  I'm using Web Viewer more often and this has become a real problem.  Users don't understand what's happening.


In a few instances, buttons on a web page will take you to new content and use the FM window.  In Google news, for example, clicking one of their categories on the left takes you to different content ... and you can navigate back from it.  But clicking on a link to a story opens the PC's browser — too often with the message "this is not the default browser ...".  Pretty rough for users. 


Can anyone explain why, technically, it operates this way?  Is this only on PCs?


Thanks for any insights.

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