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Better search options?

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Is there any way to do any kind of search in which one can run Find Mode through all of the fields at once (as opposed to having to search each individual field)?

I’m sure this question keeps coming up, but has there been another way to integrate Spotlight or other Mac search software with FileMaker Pro?


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This has definitely come up before. In fact I think there is something in the example file section right now. I would probably do a search in the forum and see what comes up. Basically to give a quick answer to your question there is nothing natively built into filemaker to accomplish this. That being said, it can be done with a script. So you will basically need to take complete control of your finds with a script. The other way is to make a calculation field that is basically all of the fields that you want to search and then search on that master field.

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This is really at matter of which version you're on since we on fm10 have this command:


Where a looping script stuff the data in a series of requests...

On fm9 were you urged to generate enough daft request to cover all fields one for each - via a loop to make an unyielding search first, but then issue a:


...and then issue a:


...to replace the daft diagonally populated value.

Before that could something similar be done via:


...or this:



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