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Schedula Professional v2.1

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Scheduling for FileMaker Pro

Delivers enterprise scheduling capabilities to FileMaker Pro users

Bozrah, CT - February 10, 2009 - Life $uccess Institute is pleased to announce that Schedula™ Professional v2.1 is now shipping. This latest edition features numerous enhancements based on customer recommendations along with greatly reduced program pricing.

Schedula Professional is full-featured enterprise scheduling software for FileMaker Pro 9 or 10. When it comes to overall capabilities and ease of use, no other software begins to compare.

Key features include:

* Variable times and intervals, action items, conflict checks, email notifications, date and time blocks

* Calendar groups, custom repeats, arrival notifications, presets, reminders, private listings

* User accounts and passwords, barcode tags, data encryption, audit tracking

* Simultaneously makes and deletes entries in multiple schedules

* Lets you use your own files to enter and track appointments

* CMS-1500 (HCFA) Health Insurance Claims

* HIPAA-compliant security protocols

* Support for large screen displays

* FREE downloadable updates

* Plus, much more!

Schedula Professional for one computer is $49. Each additional computer is only $19. To download a copy of the program, please visit .

Life $uccess Institute has been developing custom solutions for our clients since 1985, and bar code and scheduling programs since 1988. We are specialists in creating practical software to meet the constantly changing needs of business and industry.


Life $uccess Institute

356 Salem Turnpike

Bozrah, CT 06334-1518

(860) 886-7141



Copyright 2009 Life $uccess Institute. All rights reserved. Schedula and Schedula Professional are trademarks of Life $uccess Institute. FileMaker Pro is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc.

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