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Simple solution for attendiess...?

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to check and see if anyone knows a simple solution for the following:

I need to build a simple db in FM or use an existing solution to have attendees of a regular daily event register (ony NAME, SurNAME and Town/State). This is fairly simple but my question is, I need to integrate some kind of a card system (chip, magnet, rfid...) and issue cards to them when they register so that when they come back, they swipe the card and their attendance is registered....?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU:

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You would probably with your version at hand, need to establish an audit logging scheme and then digest the entered information on demand by splitting the loggings in a text field via a repeating calc'field, and export time pairs into individual records between internal tables, which there then could be summarised upon.

...the audit logging:


...the splitting of the data:



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