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David Jondreau

Protecting data

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I'm building a password manager.

I'm doing it for personal use, but once I work out the kinks, I'd like to include it as an option in applications I've build.

If I do that, however, I'm concerned about security issues. I'd like to store sensitive data (website/data portal, username, password) and use well-constructed access prvileges, but I don't know how secure that is.

I imagine storing usernames/passwords to things like, e-mail accounts, machine logins, modem logins, voice mail accounts, etc.

I don't really intend it to be for really sensitive stuff, like bank accounts, but I must assume users will store that info too. And why not, if the data is secure?

What security issues should I be concerned about? Should I look into encrypting the data?


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DJ - There is a thread about FMs security and privilege sets you may find interesting...


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