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Filtered Portal - Variable criteria


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I have several databases: Clients, Expenses, Invoicing, etc...

I would like to create a portal in each database which basically brings up the client names with the any given text string entered into a global text field in the non client database. However, I only seem to be able to execute a search via script. What I would like to accomplish with out scripting is:

Search field: user inputs text string

Portal: Returns those records with the text string in the client name.

Is it possible??? and any suggestions??

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Yes, possible, but it might be easier to just have a portal in the Clients database which would will show related Invoices, Expenses, etc. You simply creat buttons to change layouts, one for Invoices, one for Expenses...

Anyway, In Invoices, you want to type "Acme" into a global field, and have a list of related invoices appear in the portal. You need to create a relationship between that Global field, and the Client Name field (presumably looked up from Clients when the Invoice is created).

If you want more versatile, like typing "Ac" would bring up Acme, Accordian, and Acadia... Then you need a relationship between the Global field and a special Calculation field, that would contain the full Client Name, carriage return, the Client Name minus the last letter, carriage return, so on down to just the first letter. FileMaker relationships will see any value in a text field that is seperated by a carriage return. Comming up with that calculation is the key.

hope that helps.

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This topic is 7428 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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