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Try to print from a windows fm client as my database run on Mac

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I have a major problem and I need all the help I could find.

I am developing an invoice printing program. All the program is running on a mac. The hole project involves inventory, costs etc.

The problem in that here in Greece in order to print an invoice we have to use a special printer that can be installed only in windows boxes. So I thought that I can use the network to print to that special printer. The hole process involves a hardware and a driver that needs to be installed on the windows box. This special printer can only print documents that include text in PCL5 language.

So I print from my mac using a PCL5 printer driver. and the print does not print as the hole print job is a picture. I also tried to print a pdf file produced by filemaker save option. So the machine does not see any text in the file to proceed in creating a special number that is written on top of every print job.

The only way I can accomplish that is by printing from a filemaker that is installed in the windows box.

My question No 1 is Can I use 2 stand alone runtime solution filemaker projects talk to each other using the network?

If I create an endless loop waiting for a print job to come, is not a good idea as an endless loop cannot be stopped without cmd . or esc on windows if we want to quit the solution.

My question No 2 is Can I remotely run a script that is on the windows box part of the app, when I am on mac??

Is there a plugin that I could use??

Thanks a lot. If you do not understand something please feel free to ask. I am from Greece and my English is not perfect.


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Is this a Runtime solution?

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You have to make the Runtime for the Windows Machines on a Windows Machine. The Advance Edition of FileMaker has both versions of FileMaker on it.



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