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Using XSL file to format FMPro 9.0 Report

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Hello and thank you in advance,

I am using FM 9.0 on a Mac.

I have been wrestling with a problem for a number of weeks and cannot figure out how to resolve what I think is a simple problem.

I am using a XSL file to format a FMPro report to output a fixed-width .txt file with a CR LF at the end of each record (one record per line). It seems as if it is working for the "Body" of the report, but not with the HEADER record. I know I am missing something simple as my experience with XML/XSL is EXTREMELY limited.

I have uploaded the XSL file (as text) and the calculation I am using for my report. I am sure there is a simple solution (I think it is something like I am not using the correct character in the XSL file to identify where the CRLF should go).

Any help is greatly appreciated!





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It's not quite clear to me what you are doing, esp. why do you need a calculation, when it can be all done within the stylesheet.

I suggest you look at the fixed-width export stylesheet in Filemaker's examples, and here:


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