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How to keep field's font

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I use a certain font type and size as standard throughout my solution. Users have permission to cut and past text from other fields and other sources (eg: web sites, Word documents...) into my solution's fields. I want all the text to look the same. Is there a way to force the field to retain the font characteristics I want despite the formating of the text being pasted in?

I tried, via FM preferences, font locking, etc... but without success. The only other way I see as a solution is have have an "Enter" button that is scripted to format the text. As this would entail a lot of extra scripting (for all the fields involved) I would prefer not to do this but if it's the only way, I'll make the time.

Thanks for all your help, past and future.

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Highlight the Field in Define Fields

Click on the [color:red]Options for the Text Field

Check on the button for box Auto Enter by Calculation

use this calculation

TextFormatRemove ( Self )

Click [color:blue]Okay

[color:red]Deselect the Checkbox

[color:blue]Do not replace existing value in field (if any)



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