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Server assistant does not run

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I've just installed FMSA 10 on Windows 2K3. When I try to run the server admin assistant (e.g. http://localhost:16000) I get the response "FileMaker Server has encountered an error: The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request."

Ports 16000, 16001 and 5003 are open on the firewall, and I've also tried turning the firewall and antivirus off. I've tried repairing and even reinstalling the FMSA, all without success. However, databases are being served successfully, and I can use the fmsadmin command-line tool to do basic admin tasks.

Is this a problem with JRE? I have the current version installed (v6_13). I can't see any error messages in the Windows event viewer.

Many thanks for any help!

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Almost certainly Java problems. See below


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In addition to the Java issues, also check in the Services Control Panel to be sure that the FM Server service is actually running.

And the Tech Info you need is thefmkb.com/7121 since it's FileMaker Server 10 you have installed.



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Thanks for the quick replies, but no luck I'm afraid. I uninstalled Java, and installed v6_7, then restarted the server, but no difference.

The FM service appears to be running normally -- plus my databases are being successfully hosted.

It's not a v9/v10 conflict, as the machine has never had any FM server or client installed.

This makes me quite nervous about upgrading to 10 -- I like the Java interface, but I've always been a bit nervous about it, being the only way to manage the server fully, Another link in the delicate chain...


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