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FileMaker Newsletter - YouTube Magic, Security Techniques

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Hi Everyone,

Quick message about this months newsletter. The newsletter goes out Thursday May 21st - please make sure

you sign up before then to access the demo files and articles. Sign Up here. http://tinyurl.com/fmnews

This month we have 3 exciting sample files that are completely unlocked and a great psychology article

on Focus.

* FMTrial - simple way to lock down FileMaker


* FMTube - Quickly edit YouTube videos in FileMaker


* FMTweet Job Finder - unlocked database demonstrating how a company is using FMTweet (FileMaker

Solution) to post jobs to Twitter. Powerful tool that can be implemented into any FM solution.

* Micro Burst - great psychology article on why we can no longer focus!

The FMWebschool FileMaker newsletter has been published for 4 years and is read by over 8500 FileMaker

enthusiast. If you want to learn more about innovative ways people are using FileMaker, be sure to

subscribe today!


The Newsletter will be sent out on Thursday May 21st, and will not be released again.

In Kindness

Stephen Knight


FileMaker Hosting Made Easy at FMGateway


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