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Find a Date Range via Dialog Box input fields?

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I'm trying to write a script that does a find and then generates a Invoice report based on the user inputs through a Show Custom Dialogue box, but I'm confused.

How do you tell the script to take the date range that was given by the user to do a find within that invoice date field etc?

Can an input fields be a button choice?

I need the user input two qualifiers for the find. One is for the invoice date range and the selection of "Invoice" from a drop down list, that would also include values like "quote", "pending"...

i.e. the dialogue box shows the input field for date range (button 1), the drop down list for "Invoice", "Quote" and the third button would be to cancel.

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Rather than using a custom dialog, create a layout specifically for the job. Custom dialogs cannot display drop down lists.

Use global fields to store the values, and script the find to put the values into the correct fields in the find requests.

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