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Data export from MYSQL

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I have this weird situation while exporting mysql data.

I am using MYSQL 1.2.9 to store the WebData where users modify it regularly. I am running a FM program each night to import the data from MYSQL to FM.I am using FM pro advanced 8.5 version.

I export all the data from mysql table to a text file first and import into FM database from text file. The situation I am facing is, when it exports data from MYSQL to text file , it does not export all the data. If there are 821000 records in mysql, it exports around 819000. The number differs everyday.

The data not exported does not have any problem and data not exported differs each day. If data not exported was consistent, I would think that there was some problem with the data, but it gets exported the next day or it was exported few days back. I am not able to find out why this is happening .

I have to manually find out which data was not exported and manually import the data from MYSQL to Fm now. When I do that it imports fine indicating that there is nothing wrong with the data.

It is just that when I execute the export script ( I run the apple script) to execute mysql command, it does not export all the data and the data NOT exported each day is random.

I would appreciate if somebody can help me analyze this problem. If somebody came across the same situation, any advice or feedback would be appreciated.


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Have you tried using an ODBC import into a temp table ( using the same SQL statement) to see if you get the same results? Or have you tried a different file format?

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What if you only exported the changed data? Do all 800,000+ rows change every night?

Doesn't seem too slick to have to manually do an export/import every day.

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