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Carole Chaski

exporting from 10 Adv slow

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I have read several posts about 10 Adv (or 10) being slow, and I too have experienced it, including the bug about speed with very large text fields. One of the problems might be tunnelling for related data. I tried two scenarios for exporting 1500 records with ~50 numerical fields; these records hold ~5 related fields. In scenario 1, I tried to export the related fields as related fields: VERY SLOW. In scenario 2, I copied the related field data into new fields in the table from which I am exporting, and this sped things up. It is still not fabulous (any ideas why??) but it is ten times faster than when I export making reference to related fields. This makes me think that 10 has problems with tunneling data (also portals as in another post I read somewhere???)

Not great considering that I am using the data separation model, so I have lots of related fields, and also I do a lot of text-intensive field calculations. What should I do?

I am running FMP 10 Adv (and previously 9, 8.5, 8 Adv) on a one year old MacBook Pro, Intel, with 4 GB ram. I have not yet tried 10 on a comparable Windows laptop. I also run remotely using Server 8 on Windows SBS 2003, and getting ready to install Server 10 on the Windows or Mac side. I have run antivirus from the Apple site on my Mac laptop, and that sped things up too, but 10 just seems slow to me.

Has anyone else had this problem with 10?

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