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IWP on Server 10 question

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Me again :P First...thanks for the help with my last issue. I still have a few flies in the ointment to work out, but tv_kid got me on the right path at least.

This should be a simple answer for any of you running Advanced Server 10. I managed to get IWP setup and running on the LAN and after a bit of tweaking its also accessable from the Internet. However, and maybe this is normal, but not what I expected..... it appears that the toolbar has gone back to the style of Filemaker 9 (on the side instead of across the top like it is when viewed by Filemaker Pro 10. Is this how it usually works, and is there a way to get the FM10 toolbar to show instead (bar on the side takes up too much real estate and forces layouts not to fit in my usual screen resolution.

Thanks in advance once again!

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Apperently is a normal behavior, so I just added

a few navigation buttons and scripts to the layouts, hid the toolbar, and going to have to live with it for now.

Just thought I'd post in case some one else comes in asking same question and stumbles on mine.

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