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FMS10 admin console problem

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Yesterday I uppgraded from FMS9 to FMS10 on a Win 2k3 server machine.

I also updated the admin console on my client computer.

When I try to create a new backup schema I get

"Status: Invalid path" om the standard path

"filewin:/C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/"

I know the path is correct and I also noticed that the standard backup schema "Every day" at 23:00 worked.

I have talked to the FileMaker support and they asked me to check the read/write privileges on the backup folder and the SYSTEM user has full control.

I also tried to add a new user called fmsadmin and I put it in the group of administrators, but no luck.

I also checked the Java version on my client and I just upgraded it to JRE 6u7 and I erased the chache and rebooted the machine. No luck :P-(

The Java version on the server is 6u7

Do I need to empty this cache and reboot the server again as well?

Any other ideas what is wrong?

It all worked fine with FMS9

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Hello again!

It looks like a lot of people have problems with the admin console on FMS10


I did a restart of the server and it solved the problem, for a while.

It looks like I have too little RAM on the server. I will try to correct this, but I duobt this will completely solve the problem.

Is there any hope FileMaker will come out with an update patch on the issue?

Not beeing able to use the admin console causes big problems!

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