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How to automatically enter Time into a Timestamp field?

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Is there a way to automatically populate a Timestamp field with a default time value?

We're using Timestamps to be consistent with an external SQL database. But our users actually just want to enter a date. Is there a simple way to populate the field with " 23:59" so the user doesn't have to?

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi William,

I do not believe you can enter anything but a timestamp into a timestamp field because FileMaker will stop the User as the entry being invalid without the time (and it will happen BEFORE auto-enter could fire). But you can provide the User with a date field. Then you can have your timestamp field set to Options > Auto-Enter > By Calculation and

Timestamp ( dateField ; "23:59:00" )

Back at the auto-enter tab (right below Calculated Value) be sure to uncheck 'Do not replace existing value for field (if any).

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the easiest way is to let the user enter a date into a date field.

A new timestamp field that auto-enters:

yourDateField & " 23:59"

will solve the problem.

Edit: Hi LaRetta, I was too late.

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