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repeating portal question for CDML (difficult one!)


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I have one database file (indiv_master.fp5) that is related to three other

database files (indiv_2002.fp5, indiv_2001.fp5, indiv_2000.fp5), with

relationships based on the same key for all four databases - and each

relationship is named the same as the three database files without the .fp5

(example - indiv_2002)....

I want to display info from each database right after each other. I need to

be able to do a "loop" where the only thing that changes in the CDML is the

year - as the formatting is long and tough to repeat four times - especially

when trying to develop and edit the CDML for the page.

So - I want to do something like this - but in CDML (or JavaScript):

(the following is written in pseudo-Perl format)

For $variable in (2000, 2001, 2002)



[FMP-field: indiv_$variable::contri_name]<br>

[FMP-field: indiv_$variable::contri_address]<br>

[FMP-field: indiv_$variable::contri_city]<br>



Each database contains the exact same field names. I can't combine all of

the records into one database and use a different solution, as each database

contains 500,000-1.5 million rows - and putting them into one database

exceeds the 2 gig limit. I need to do this "loop"...

Any ideas?




Tony Darnell <[email protected]>

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This topic is 7422 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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