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another newbie portal question


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i have not worked with portals that much, for that, i am at newbie level.

here is my setup. i have an invoicing, clients, and contacts db. on the clients db i have 3 layouts (info, contacts, and projects). on the projects layout i only want to show the related projects for the client. i also need to do the same thing with the contacts layout, only show the contacts for the spacific client, but i want to get the projects one done first.

i have the portal setup for the projects (sorta). my relationship is setup for Account ID: Account ID to invoice.fp5. everything shows up great. but when i click on a button in the portal i have defined as Go To Related Record, [show only related records]. this goes to the correct Account ID, in invoice.fp5, but now i need it to also go to the correct record, by Project Name. how do i do this?

secondly i am working on the one for contacts. the thing is that when a client record is created, there will be no contacts. i would like to create a new contact when a client is created, so that it shows up in the contacts portal, this would be the primary contact for the client, as is very important as many things are dependent on the primary contact. is it possable to do this?

hopefully some kind soul will help me out here, i am working on huge project for he university, and some things i just have never worked with. thanks

and dangit i cant type!

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well i got it to work, i had to pull the invoice number into a temp field. now just to get the new blank "primary contact" made in the contacts db with the correct client ID when a new client is created. of to go fiddle some more.

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This topic is 7345 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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