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Clearing all repetitions of repeating field

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I have a repeating container field that is used on my layouts to "highlight" whichever layout the user is on (the change layout script sets a graphic into the relevant repetition). I have attached a small file showing the setup.

The repetitions are cleared at the start of every change layout script (there are only 3 layouts at present so this is done by 3 steps, clearing each of the 3 repetitions individually) before the new layout highlight repetition is set.

The number of layouts in the file will need to increase and I don't want to keep adding individual steps to clear each repetition in turn.

I have tried to do this in one script step using Extend and Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber) - unsuccessfully.

What calculation/script step do I need to clear all repetitions of a global container field without specifying each one individually?

Thanks for any help in advance.


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You can't do it that way; you need a looping script.

That's the value of value of variables.

Set Variable [ $max; Value:3 ]

Set Variable [ $n; Value:1 ]


Exit Loop If [ $n > $max ]

Set Field [ Changelayout::g_Button_hilight[$n]; "" ]

Set Variable [ $n; Value:1 + $n ]

End Loop


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