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All of a sudden I’m having a few problems managing scripts in the Scriptmanager

I’ve got a bunch of scripts that are not in any folders, and until recently it let me change the order that they were viewed in the Scriptmanager Screen. Now suddenly it won’t let me change the order freely.

It’s not displaying them in creation date order.

It’s not displaying them in alpha order.

I can’t see a logic to how it is displaying them, but there is a logic there. I know this because it will let me move some of the older scripts, but only within a limited area of the list. But the parameters of the area I can move them around in makes no sense to me.

What I do know is when this seems to have happened and what I was doing at the time:

I had a bunch of scripts with the beginning of each one named 'MEETREP10_'. I duplicated about 20 of them in one go. So it created a duplicate with the word ‘copy’ on the end of each one, each copy underneath the original.

What I did then is made changes to the new duplicated scripts and renamed them 'MEETREP11_'. Now this is where it starts to go wrong.

Usually I would change the order of them (didn’t know about folders properly at that point), so that they would be like this:







But it immediately wouldn’t let me change the order and since then it has been misbehaving.

Since then I have created 3 new scripts. These scripts are at the very bottom of the list in creation date order and I cant move them.

Now when I make a new script it puts it either at the bottom of the whole list under the 3 new scripts, or 3 scripts up from the bottom immediately under the last ‘MEETREP11_’ script that I created from a MEETREP10_copy and again I cant move it from wherever it puts it. There seems to be no logic as to whether it’s going to put it at the bottom of the whole list, or at the bottom of the last MEETREP10- copy.

I can create new folders and again they either go at the very end of under the last MEETREP10- copy. But I also now can’t put any scripts at all into the new. I can however move the older scripts into older folders.

I’ve run the database on version 11 and 9 Advanced and its doing it on both, but I know its a bug in the specific DB. I know this because if I make a copy of the DB and delete all of the scripts and then import them all from the original DB everything works fine. Now I dont really want to do this because there are nearly 1000 scripts and all of the buttons would need to be reassigned!!!

Any ideas anyone? This is driving me mad as I just cant make sense of it.

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Perhaps your file is corrupted. However, the thought that came to me is that needing to name scripts in the way that you're doing suggests that you do not know how to use script parameters. What is the difference btw the similarly-named scripts?

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This topic is 4409 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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