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Server Based Referenced Files in Container Fields


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I have a cabinetshop that has several databases which are hosted on a webserver that I rent space on.

I have them on this server so that I can upload drawings from a remote location and have the guys be able to access them directly in the shop.

The current workpath is to upload a PDF document directly into a container field.

I periodically purge unused records because the file size gets bloated and performance starts to slow down.

I would like to make more use of referenced images rather than imbedded images but don't know how to make this happen with the web hosted server.

I know that I could have a master folder with referenced files if this whole system was on a local network.

How would I go about achieving the same effect with remote access to the referenced file?

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Thanks Wim.

This looks really interesting.

My intuition thinks it is just what I am looking for.

I didn't realize that FM Forums has a section just for Super Container.

I think I will go there next.

Have a look at SuperContainer from 360Works instead.

I doubt that your hosting provider will open up ports for regular file sharing (which you would need for referenced containers).

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This topic is 4406 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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