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Script to insert a file that is stored as a reference in another container

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Banging my head on this one. Here is what I got going: I've set up a document management database for all of our service documents (close to 5000+), most are in pdf format. I have a container for the file, stored as a reference (so the end user can double click to open), and also have a global container to temporarily store the the same file without reference.

Between FM scripts, applescripts, and automator I now trigger the script to insert into container 1 as a reference and that triggers an insert script to the global container which then exports it to a watch folder were automator extracts text, saves as a text file in another folder, then text edit opens and copies all the text, returns to the current record and pastes it into a text field. All that and it works surprisingly well as I have processed over 100 documents so far.

My question is: at the moment I have two dialogs that open, the first to select the file to be stored as a reference, immediately followed by another to insert the document into the global container for later export. I haven't found a way yet to create a script in FM that will refer the insert file step into the global container to the file that is stored in the reference container. Is it possible?

As I am typing I am thinking maybe an applescript to refer to the current record::container1 to return the filepath and then using applescript to insert the file into the global container???

Any help would be appreciated greatly

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This topic is 4622 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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