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Recording Contact/Correspondence History

Carl Morris

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Hi all,

I have created a database so that we can record all the relevant details for charity donors etc, but I am stuck on how I can create a history of correspondence, so that if that person calls, e-mails or speaks to me, I can look at their corresponding history.

Basically, I need to have the following:

• Date (of correspondence)

• Method of Correspondence

• Brief Notes

This would need to be linked to the main database as we'd like to keep the notes and their fields in a different table.

The bottom line is, if Mr 'X' phones up, we can put that contact up in the main database, and look at their notes which will be under a tab called "Correspondence History".

I have put the file online at:


The file is called contact_Management_skeleton.fp7

Any help would be appreciated as this is important to us as we need to track what's been said, but don't have the funds to pay someone which is why I am learning all about databases..

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Carl, all you need is a child table to Contact. I often call this table Activities. It will relate by ContactID to the parent Contact record. Put a portal to this table on the Contact form and allow create on the relationship.

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That's brilliant, thanks very much bcooney - appreciate it..

Coming along nicely now, but having difficulty with events as there can be more than one event per person, so trying to figure out the best way forward but will have to ask on here in a moment!

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This topic is 4372 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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