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Web Service http header authentication

Omer Faruk EMRE

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I am working on a xml web services connection that require http basic authentication method. I must send my user name and password in http header every soap action. I am using Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced. I am using fm::nexus web service plugin, but all my try end with failure . In fm::nexus web services plugin I written:

Set Variable [$_http_user;Value:_FmNx_SetPref( "http://saglikt.sgk.gov.tr/medulaws/services/HastaKabulIslemleri/wsdl/HastaKabulIslemleri";"HastaKabulIslemleri:http_user=PROVİZYON::saglikTesisKodu" ) // The field "PROVİZYON::saglikTesisKodu" contains my username.

Set Variable [$_http_password;value:_FmNx_SetPref ("http://saglikt.sgk.gov.tr/medulaws/services/HastaKabulIslemleri/wsdl/HastaKabulIslemleri";"HastaKabulIslemleri:http_password=PROVİZYON::SIFRE" ) // PROVİZYON::SIFRE contains my password.

Set Field [ İŞLEM::XML_RESULT; HastaKabulIslemleri_hastaKabul(İŞLEM::bos; İŞLEM::bos; PROVİZYON::bransKodu; "2"; İŞLEM::bos;


PROVİZYON::sigortaliTuru2; İŞLEM::bos; PROVİZYON::takipTipi2; PROVİZYON::tedaviTipi2; PROVİZYON::tedaviTuru2; İŞLEM::

cocuksira;İŞLEM::bos) ]

wsdl address: http://saglikt.sgk.gov.tr/medulaws/services/HastaKabulIslemleri/wsdl/HastaKabulIslemleri.wsdl

I couldn't correct setting for http basic authentication in http header. Can you help me please?

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This topic is 4366 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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