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Portal Sort ... best way?

ron G

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My portal has the fields: DATE -----PAIDYEAR-----DONATION----DUES-------ASSESSMENT

When a user enters the date, my system automatically puts the associated Dues and Assessment according to their membership type: (ie Life, Yearly etc) No problem here, this works.

And, I can do an ONEXIT or ONSAVE script on the PAIDYEAR field to get the table to 'resort'. This works.

BUT, the problem is that sometimes, after the PAIDYEAR is entered, the user wants to move to the DONATION field. This triggers the script which resorts the table. In this circumstance the user must 'visually search' for the year to go across to find the correct DONATION field.... ugh... So, to solve this problem I put a '+" button on the column head that will (if the user remembers) resort the table by YEARPAID. But, users 'forget'

The "REAL" solution would be if there was a script step that would look at the portal row and then on PortalRowExit would fire the EXIT script. This would give the user ample time to enter whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted in the current row. But, it seems like the Script-triggers for portal rows only affect ALL the objects on the portal; not the portal exit situation.

Any ideas?


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This topic is 4375 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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