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Filter records based on fields


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a fresh view by others might solve this in a minute.

table pict has an indexed field called xmp_index full of values containing broken down xmp descriptions of pictures in the form of






Leipziger Str. 39



- (every picture ends with a minus to satisfy empty search_part fields, see below)

table search (i like to save sets of searches) holds several fields which should filter those values with an AND-condition

search_part1 may contain "2008-01"

search_part2 may contain "Hamburg"

search_part3 may contain "-"

search_part4 may contain "-"

this would yield all pictures that where shot in hamburg in januar 2008. so far it works. if i now add a fifth field with a ISNOT-condition to the relation

search_part5 may contain "Anna"

the result is always empty except i set search_part5 to something unusual like "§" (values definitively not in xmp_index). i thought, adding the NOT-condition would show me all pictures taken in hamburg in januar 2008 excluding those with Anna. am i thinking in the wrong direction?

thanks in advance for your help,



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I am not sure I follow your description fully, esp. the part about "every picture ends with a minus to satisfy empty search_part fields".

I think you want to find records containing the words "2008-01" AND "Hamburg" BUT NOT "Anna." For this, you should have 2 requests: one to find 2008-01 Hamburg and one to omit Anna (note that ≠ is not a search operator).

However, I would suggest you re-think your entire approach and stick to the one fact per field rule. Right now it looks like you are throwing all your needles into a haystack, then ask how to look for them.

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if you look at my first attachment png you will see my condition for this relationship is

search_part1 AND search_part2 AND search_part3 AND search_part4 is true for xmp_index

if any of those search-fields would be left empty it would return only pictures which have no xmp_value at all. in my case none.

that's why: empty search_part-fields will be filled with an "-" so the AND-clause will default to true since every picture has a "-" in its xmp-index.

my question is more about filtering the relationship than finding. i'm using a portal to view my pictures. no scripts or perform-finds involved here. only saved searches. in fact it works more comfortable like this:

1 field called search_phrase will be parsed into 4 fields (search_part1,2,3,4) thus filtering the pool of pictures. the advantage of several fields is: lists in any of those fields work as an OR-operator. a sort of saved google-search. and your right: i want to accomplish an effect like "give me thru a relationship records with value A and (B or C or D) and E but not F". i cannot bring the "but not F" to work.

i know, i could filter the portal in FMP11 but i want to save the list of IDs this relationship yields.

i attached two more pictures to demonstrate my case.

search_part1 ==> "switzerland"

search_part2 ==> "tarek"

search_part3 ==> "2009¶2010¶2011"

search_part4 ==> "-"

will yield 67 pictures (any pictures of the year 2009 or 2010 or 2011 that were shot in switzerland with tarek in it).

if i add condition search_part5 ≠ xmp_index to the relationship

search_part5 ==> "Sa" (exclude Saturdays)

the result is empty.

something trivial must elude my mind, grhhh,

thanks for any replies,




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thanks for proving to me that it is possible. your solution is quite similiar to mine and exactly how i expected filemaker to work.

mh, i must have done something different/ forgotten something. i'm counter-checking…

thanks for your reply,


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if found my blunder! there was nothing wrong with the relationship. but i didn't error-check the parsing into the conditional fields. so the ISNOT-condition could end up in an ISEQUAL-condition.

thanks for your help,


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Not every relationship is suitable for creating records, esp. when one of the predicates is 'not equal to [something]'. With an 'equal' predicate, Filemaker can easily conform by entering that [something] into the matchfield of the new record; but with 'not equal' - should it just make up a value?

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This topic is 4361 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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