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Never ending script

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I have several questions about a script I'm doing and that "is poised to jump out of the map" :lol: . It has about 80 lines and it takes about 8 seconds to run now.

1. When it runs, I see displayed in the data viewer more than 35 fields with their data, all mentioned somewhere in the script. I guess this will be indexation, not if I'm wrong.

2. I have many parts of constant/fixed text and I include it directly as part of the variables. Is it better to do this or put it into a field and make the variable to extract it from there? I guess the second option would require more time, doesn't it?

3. Does it have any repercussion, positive or negative, that the name of the variables is shorter or longer, I see that almost everyone uses names that are pretty short $1, $t3, ..., but my script is so long that I need more descriptive names.

Thank you all.

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Wow, even with Google translate, I'm lost in all the variable settings and loops.

Can you give me an idea of what you're starting with and what you're doing in this script?

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It picks up many data from related records and sets it into a field.

Here is the script translated.

It can be also a time to swap knowledge, I still know very few of FileMaker and I believe is about the same "few" you know about spanish, :lol:, so here it goes,

variable=variable (easy)

loop=bucle (but FM uses loop for any language, so, easy too)

thank you=gracias.

Just a joke, Thanks.

Script - EN.pdf

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Without getting into specifics, I question why you need to collect data across tables and set fields. It seems as if you are storing data redundantly.

If you need to combine data elements, for example, NameFirst and NameLast, you would create a calc field, NameFull = NameFirst & " " & NameLast. You wouldn't grab the values in the two name fields and set the NameFull field.

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This topic is 4584 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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