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Base64 to Binary Serverside Script


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We're testing the signature capture on iOS devices here at work and I was trying to set up the script on the server to periodically convert the Base64 data to a .png

When I run it on the server I get a "Filemaker script error" and a "?" in my container fields. What I've done so far:

  • Scriptmaster plugin installed in the extensions folder for server and the client (residing on the server)
  • Startup script registering the function in the file where the script is run from
  • Checked that all my script steps are server compatible
  • Script works properly on my client machine

Now, I will say that I have not restarted the server or the server software since I copied the plugin to the server extensions folder. This is currently my best bet as to why it's not working. We have a large staff so it's inconvenient to randomly restart the server so I'm putting that off as the last resort. Any other thoughts?

(Running FM11 client/server)

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I would suggest trying to run a ridiculously simple script from the server (that uses the plug-in), then have a look at the log files.

example of ridiculously simple script:

Set Field[somefield, Better Random()]

If that doesn't work, then FM Server must not be recognizing your plug-in.

If I remember correctly, you do need to restart FileMaker server for it to recognize new plug-in's (but don't quote me on that).

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Yes, You will need to stop and start the filemaker database server before you can use plugins which you have installed for scheduled scripts. You will also need to go into Database Server -> Server Plug-Ins in your server admin console and activate the individual plugins and also check the "Enable FileMaker server to use plugins" box.

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This topic is 4352 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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