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Performance Speeds

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We have been approached by a client that would like to deploy iPads in an inventory situation at their facility. Some preliminary tests with iPhones using layouts developed for FM Go suggest that this heavily script driven solution might have speed issues that would be prohibitive. They are running Sever 11 and the proposal is that the iPads would be running on WiFi. We would expect to build Go specific layouts etc. Of course there are lots and lots of variables, but I wonder if folks are finding speeds sufficient for sophisticated solutions.

I'm also wondering what folks have experienced using the camera in conjunction with FM Go for barcode reading.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts folks would like to share.

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I am about to start a project on iPads myself.

The word so far from those who have already done this is that networking over WiFi is good to great, while over 3G is generally unsatisfactory to poor. This is due to the bandwidth and latency differences. So your choice for WiFi is smart.

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I run a separation model for clients to access their information from the main file.

I compared opening the file directly on an iPhone Vs opening it back on the server where the main file is, and found opening it on the iPhone to be faster for both WiFi and 3G connections.

The difference was not huge, so it might depend on your file and what you are asking it to do. GTRR might have actually been a bit slower.

Hope that helps.

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This topic is 4056 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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