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PHP/HTML example page wanted

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My company is FINALLY wanting to get serious about web development, which puts me in a small predicament, because I don't know PHP well enough (yet).

We are wanting to use SuperContainer for this web project. It'll also be handy for replacing our current document system in our FileMaker solution.

Maybe it's my lack of knowledge or there isn't enough samples available, but I can't figure out how to use this in a PHP page. The requirements are very simple - inside a repeating table, show a preview/thumbnail next to a basic description, and when the user clicks on the object, it will open it up in the appropriate program. 95% of these documents are going to be PDFs that already exist on our file system. The page will pull the file name/location from a field located in a table that the repeating table is attached to (which is hidden from view).

We don't want any other interaction besides opening the file. I suppose I could just use a traditional PDF library, but we are going to be using this SuperContainer program elsewhere too.

Can anyone provide a simple page with these features? Or even how to just just display something in a page?

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SuperContainer has a PHP api for uploading, download, deleting, and getting file info with SuperContainer. You can read about these methods in the SuperContianer PHP Documentation.html file which comes with your download.

You do not need to use PHP to display SuperContainer on a page. The best way to load SuperContainer on a page and display an image is to use a frame or iFrame which points to a SuperContainer URL like you would use in FileMaker.

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Oh yea - I didn't even think of using frame(s). Going with that alone, I was able to make it work using a simple HTML file and a FM layout.

Thanks for the (easy) directions. I'm starting to see why others have been given this SuperContainer software such high reviews....

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This topic is 4323 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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