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Issues mounting volume

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This may be more of an apple issue than FileMaker, but I'm hoping to find some help. I am working on a small network with a Time Capsule as the router, all computers are iMacs running Mac OS X Version 10.6.7.

I can see a remote computer in my finder window and when I click on it, the disk mounts with no issues. Using the FM Script "Open URL[no dialog;"afp://volume name from get info"] the disk doesn't mount. So I tried putting the afp portion of the command in a Safari window I get the error "Network file permission error" Using an applescript I have proven to work on different computers to "mount volume" I get the same error. I have checked the permissions on the remote computer and "everyone" has "read & write" privileges that have been "applied to enclosed items". What's really annoying is that for some computers in the network, it works fine. In others it doesn't!

What security/permissions component am I missing?

This is the applescript that I am using, but don't think it's the issue:

mount volume "path from get info" as user name "username" with password "password"

Thanks for any ideas you can give me!


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This topic is 4308 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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