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Is FMTouch still available?

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I currently have a mobile app that I created for my FM10 runtime database, using FMTouch as the mobile interface. It looks like FMTouch is no longer available through the iTunes/Apple store. Although I plan to upgrade to FMP12 and re-write my runtime and mobile apps for FM GO 12, in the meantime, my clients still need to get FMTouch to run the current mobile app.

So, 2 questions:

1. Is FMTouch still available (where to purchase)?

2. Can my FM10 runtime solution run in FM Go 12 / how would I install it? It is created with a .AE5 extension.

Also, I really like the sync capability in FMTouch, so changes made to both the iPad/iPhone and the runtime program on the PC or MAC will automatically update both platforms. It looks like sync is not an option in FM Go, so you have to re-copy and overlay the files from one to the other?? This is a potential problem, as updates can be made on both. What is the best way to sync data from the mobile app to the runtime app??


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