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ValueList from ExecuteSQL() based query in FMP 12

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I'm looking into upgrading our FMP11 developed solution to FMP12. For us, key functionality exists around the ValueList feature to DISPLAY one value (e.g. a description) while RETURNING another value (e.g. a UID), into the selected field.

I would be interested if you have been able to replicate this feature from the ExecuteSQL() function (I can successfully return a single ValueList item ... having trouble with the above)

many thanks in advance Giles

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I don't think it will be possible to mimic this feature in FileMaker.

In my case there are two situations:

1. Key and related data is stored (for example in an invoice you want the key of the company and the name hardcoded)

In this case I have a SQL statement in the keyfield that will lookup the ID of the company when the company name changes

2. You don't store the related data

The entry field is only a global field, and with a script I set the key field to the correct ID. The display of the data I do via a webviewer (and also with a SQL statement)

My conclusion:

I don't like my approach as you have complete decentralized logic (if you want to update the value list, you often need to go to different places to update those as well), but it is the best I can come up with right now...

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Thanks for your reply. I'm going to continue my research. I really hope it's not the case that Filemaker add this significant functionality, but fail to implement it across such as base feature as ValueLists!

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Kevin Frank was so friendly to post a demo file on his website. I just created the file, the technique was demonstrated by John Ahn (mr_wodka) during an unconference session at DevCon.


Just a side note: I really loved the unconference sessions!

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