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So simple - but doesn't work!

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We have a button which allows our users in increase or decrease text to fit into a field. The botton set up is simple:

textSizeChg ( [field] ; "DOWN" )

and there's a corresponding button,

textSizeChg ( [field] ; "UP" )

However, we recently started importing a wine called 'KM501". Whenever the business tries to Up or Down the text size (which begins without a font size attached to it), FM is interpreting 501 as being the font size - not the text to apply the up or down to. So the down button takes the font size to a gigantic 500 and the up button takes it to 502! Once at that size, the business can't click down to get it to "10" where it's optimal (no they don't have access to the status bar) - sure, they could click 490 times..not!

How can I let FM know that 501 is part of the text to change size on and not the font size?

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What is “textSizeChg”? And where does the initial size parameter come from?

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