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Olivier Chenot

Error 400 when sending a POST google calendar insert event request

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Hi everybody,

I use FileMaker 11 with scriptmaster.

I am looking for right syntax to send a insert event POST request

I write my request as follows, with OAuth2 protocol, including access_token :

POST https : // www.googleapis.com/calendar/v3/calendars/myCalendar/events?access_token=myAcessToken

body='{ "summary": "Test", "start": {"timeZone": "Europe/Paris","dateTime": "2012-08-09T09:00:00"}, "end": {"timeZone": "Europe/Paris","dateTime": "2012-08-09T10:00:00"} }'

I have an error 400, which comes from :

- my key (body), which is supposed to be a 'events resource' but I cannot find its explicit value here (it is empty) :



- my value '{ "summary" ...}', which I wrote from this issue :

http://code.google.c...es/detail?id=86 ,

where I found the 'body' key value and my syntax with double and simple quotes.

I suppose I am really close to success as this request perfectly works and adds an event in my calendar :

POST https : // www.googleapis.com/calendar/v3/calendars/myCalendar/events/quickAdd?access_token=myAcessToken


I tried as well this :

POST https : // www.googleapis.com/calendar/v3/calendars/myCalendar/events?access_token=myAcessToken

'{ "summary": "Test", "start": {"timeZone": "Europe/Paris","dateTime": "2012-08-09T09:00:00"}, "end": {"timeZone": "Europe/Paris","dateTime": "2012-08-09T10:00:00"} }'

with same error 400


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